Sunday Worship

About Our Service



At Memorial, worship is held each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Worship is a blended style of contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns, often led by student or adult lay leaders and enriched by prayer, stewardship, a strong and vital music ministry, and biblically based, Christ-centered preaching.


From pre-school to post-retirement, music is a gift from God which impacts our lives and our worship. Memorial Church’s Ministry of Music is shared by an Adult Choir and Bell Choir, a Worship Team with a full complement of instruments, and a Children’s Choir and Tone Chime ministry which are available for current and new members to share their gifts.  Throughout the year soloists, ensembles, guest musicians and, on occasion, liturgical dance are all used to bring glory and honor to God through worship.

The Lord’s Supper (Love Feast)

Twice a year, on the Thursday evening before Easter and on the first Sunday night of October, Memorial members and friends partake in a special service which follows the form of our Lord’s Last Supper (John 13). This worship experience includes a time of self-reflection and prayer, the basin and towel ministry of feet washing (or hand-washing), sharing a simple meal and time of fellowship, concluding with the celebration of Bread and Cup Communion. Childcare is provided free of charge for children under the age of 5; older children and youth are invited to come and celebrate Love Feast with the fellowship of believers.  Our pastoral staff will provide home communion for persons who, for various reasons, may not be able to participate.

Other Special Services

Throughout the year, Memorial offers additional services of worship that bring the community together in the Lord.  Easter Sunrise is shared with St. John’s UCC, our nearest church neighbor.  A Back-To-School Blessing Service for all children, educators, administrators, and all other support staff of Spring Cove and surrounding districts is held at Memorial on the Sunday evening before schools open for fall session.  A community-wide Thanksgiving Service on the Fourth Sunday of November rotates among churches within the Martinsburg Ministerium.  At least twice a year, Memorial opens its doors to the public for music, worship and public concerts/events.  Our church van is available to transport those who cannot or do not drive after dark.