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A Warm Welcome from Memorial:
On the sign outside Memorial Church, you will find the words: Every Member A Minister. We see ourselves as a community of priests. As priests, we have the right to approach God directly, and we have the responsibility to serve God personally. While some of us are set apart as pastors, all of us are ordained at our baptism and carry an equal responsibility to minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

Memorial Church of the Brethren
210 N Wall St
Martinsburg, PA 16662-1252

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday  9:00-2:30
Telephone: 814-793-2422      Fax: 814-793-3755

Pastor – Chris Garretson  814-793-2422 Ext. 102  pastorchrisg@outlook.com

Administrative Assistant –  Stephanie Matthews 814-793-2422 Ext. 101  mburgcob@gmail.com

Financial Assistant –  Kris Hoover 814-793-2422 Ext. 103  mcobfinancial@gmail.com

    Custodian – Shirley Defibaugh