Memorial’s Purpose Statement and Core Values


Memorial’s Purpose Statement
 Inviting people to know and grow in Christ through…

worship, service, learning, friendship.


Our Core Values

  • Stewardship: We recognize that service to others and stewardship are opportunities to witness for the kingdom of God. We respond to individual, church, community, national and global needs through our gifts of time, talents, and money.
  • Prayer: We believe in the power of prayer as a means to stay in touch with God, to reveal God’s will to us, to help each other in time of need, to receive and to give forgiveness, and to thank God for all our blessings. We believe that prayers can be used any time, any place to deepen our spiritual life and our relationship with God.
  • Compassion: We want to be personal and caring in a world that is increasingly impersonal. Relationships and the feeling of belonging are built through visitation and personal contact with each other. We reach out to and connect with each other in Christian love, providing support for each other as needed.
  • Heritage: We value our Brethren heritage and beliefs. We celebrate Memorial’s history and meaningful traditions.
  • Spiritual Enrichment: We understand that spiritual growth is a never-ending journey that must be constantly fed with the Holy Spirit. Through prayer, worship, music, Bible study, fellowship, and special programming, we must constantly seek to understand Christ’s teachings and then apply them responsibly to our lives.
  • Diversity: Reaching out to an ever-diversifying world is a primary task of today’s church. We want to be a safe and accepting place for all people, respecting one another’s differences and valuing each other’s gifts. In consideration of multiple generations, diverse cultures, societal changes, and community demographics, we encourage innovation and creativity in the pursuit of spiritual growth experiences in worship and programming.
  • Community: We will develop deepening relationships with one another through small groups, social activities, and teams working together on projects, ministries, and missions of the church. We are not afraid to be vulnerable, open, and honest with each other. One of the best ways to make progress on our own spiritual journey is to learn from each other, and then be able to lean on each other.