Leadership Team

Memorial Church of the Brethren
2018 Leadership Team

Moderator:  Paul Longwell

Leadership Team Chair:  Andy Hoover

Church Clerk:  Rhonda Trexler

Treasurer:  Calvin Zook

Pastor:  Chris Garretson

Administration: Bob Greenleaf Jr. & Nevan Gochnour

Congregational Life: Chuck & Jennifer Stapleton

Discipleship & Education:  Larissa Caporuscio & Heather Metzler

Worship: Sue Stoudnour & Janet Zimmerman

Service and Evangelism: Karen Lewis

Spiritual Life: Chris Knepp & Allan Yarnall


What is the Leadership Team?

The Leadership Team is primarily responsible for assisting the congregation in discerning, developing and implementing the primary purpose and specific ministries of the church. The Leadership Team had the administrative powers to plan, coordinate, integrate, and supervise the ongoing program ministries of the congregation. The Leadership Team assures that the mission and vision of the congregation are fulfilled by encouraging and empowering the development of new ministries by individuals and groups and also by evaluating existing ministries and modifying or discontinuing them.

The Leadership Team consists of the Leadership Team Chair, Moderator, the co-chairs of the Ministry Teams, the Treasurer, Pastor(s), and Church Clerk. The Moderator shall serve as Assistant Leadership Team Chair and the Church Clerk as secretary of the Leadership Team. The Leadership team is empowered to act on behalf of the Congregational Forum ad interim except for those actions specifically reserved for the Congregational Forum as set forth in our constitution and bylaws.
What do these teams do?
  • Administration Team: administers the financial program of the church. The team, in conjunction with the pastor, carries the responsibility of educating the congregation in matters of Christian stewardship. It encourages every-member participation in the financial program of the congregation through unified giving, the use of envelopes and tithing.  The Team also has the responsibility of acquiring, holding, and conveying church property in accordance with the decisions of the Leadership Team and Congregational Forum.  In addition, the team is responsible for the care, protection, and maintenance of all church property.
  • Congregational Life Team: fosters the spiritual life of the congregation through intentional fellowship activities involving small groups.
  • Discipleship & Education Team: provides for the education and development of members of the congregation as they mature in faith and discipleship.
  • Service & Evangelism Team: is responsible for directing the congregation’s witness to the world through evangelism, church extension, ecumenical relations, missions, social action, and ministry to the needy.
  • Spiritual Life Team: focuses on the spiritual well-being of the church. The team oversees the Deacon ministry, coordinates the use of the ordinances in the life of the church, encourages the prayer life of the congregation, facilitates reconciliation between church members as needed, and oversees the visitation of church members.
  • Worship Team: provides opportunities for fostering the spiritual life of the faith community through worship.